Navy Bean& Kale Soup with Preserved Lemon & Harissa by sassyradish - hot sauces always make you feel warm

This navy bean-and-kale-based soup from Olga is a bit more labor-intensive -- making preserved lemons; sourcing harissa -- but it sounds too tasty to pass up!

Preserved lemons recipe with cardamom and suggestions for use in a pasta dish and a pizza!?

The peel, pulp and juice of these lemons can all be used in a variety of dishes

[ Recipe: Fettuccine with Preserved Lemon and Roasted Garlic ] . minus the preserved part.

EASY SAUSAGE, KALE, & BLACK EYED PEA SOUP w/ LEMON & ROSEMARY - Soak your beans overnight or go the canned route. Either way, delicious and easy to throw together.

Easy Sausage, Kale, and Black-Eyed Pea Soup With Lemon and Rosemary

Ive been craving this since going to DC to meet others from zaar.We went to a place called the taste of Morocco. I found this recipe on line. Serve chicken, covered with sauce, over Couscous or Rice. Have Green Tea with Mint with or after the meal. This Tagine - the word, also spelled Tajine, refers both to the cooking pot as well as a stew cooked in it - is one of dozens of classic tagines prepared in Northern Africa, especially Morocco. The tagine consists of two parts: a round pot…

Tagine of Chicken, Preserved Lemon, & Olives

Carrot-leek Soup With Curry, Ginger And Garlic Recipe Soups with carrots, leeks, garlic, olive oil, pepper, salt, stock, red curry paste, coconut milk, ginger root, lemon juice, greek yogurt, honey, Sriracha

Carrot-leek soup with curry, ginger and garlic-adjust the red curry paste based on comment

Lentil and brown rice soup

Preserved lemons (Recipe: slow cooker lentil and brown rice soup with preserved lemons and garlic sausage) {The Perfect Pantry}

I found this recipe and am posting as a follow up to  Preserved Lemons.

Lemon Tossed Salad

Preserved lemon, salmon & caper pasta main image

Preserved lemon, salmon & caper pasta

Preserved lemon, salmon & caper pasta recipe - Heat half the olive oil in a large, heavy-based non-stick frying pan over medium-high heat.

Garlic Asparagus and Preserved Lemons Farm fresh green and purple asparagus, roasted with grilled preserved lemons

Garlic Asparagus and Preserved Lemons, Farm fresh green and purple asparagus, roasted with grilled preserved lemons