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They made it real!!! This is amazingly epic.  Can you believe the HOA is going to make the buyers paint it earth tones? :(

Project Run and Play-Disney's UP! Costumes

Someone built a lifesize UP house! Cute kids Ellie and Carl costumes

this made me LOL but the bottom one especially

A lot can happen in one song "Scar turned a bunch of goofy hyenas into the Third Reich in one song" is probably the best one

Belle and her gown were inspired from Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday LOVE them both

Audrey Hepburn used as a model for animators when creating the Disney character Belle from the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, the ball gown Belle wears is directly inspired by the royal gown Audrey Hepburn wore in the 1953 film Roman Holiday

LOL. Look at this

Donald Trump would deport this joke

I am so sick of these new generation disney movies thinking they are better. Old school disney paved the way for these newly animated disney movies. Suck on that Frozen! But Frozen was still a really good movie.

such an epic movie,the Emporer's New Groove 2, best movie!

What it's like having sex on my dorm bed

well now i know how to say "My acorn is missing. Did you eat my acorn? You owe me a new acorn." in squirrel ;