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Crown Jellies (© Monterey Bay Aquarium)

From the Monterey Bay Aquarium board.We added these stunning crown jellies (Cephea cephea) to “The Jellies Experience” special exhibition on June

Deep sea jellyfish periphylla

Águas-vivas impressionantes

Periphylla periphylla is a deep water jellyfish, normally living at depths of m. the-oceans

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As is the case with other jelly species, larger spotted jellies sometimes have fish friends hanging out for protection.

We’re always experimenting behind the scenes with new species of jellies for our special exhibition, “The Jellies Experience.” While you won’t see these Indonesian jellies (Chrysaora chinensis) on exhibit, you may sometime in the future!

Explore the wonders of the ocean in a gif-ferent way, as we tumble through the beauty and science of the sea. Our mission is to inspire conservation of the ocean.

The monsters of the deep photographed by one intrepid diver http://dailym.ai/1k0PGkG

The monsters of the deep photographed by one intrepid diver

Alexander Semenov spent hundreds of hours diving at sites across the globe, documenting rarely seen marine organisms including sea butterflies, marine worms and sea angels.


Free crown jelly wallpaper from the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov

Every Phylum! Discover every kind of animal that has ever existed. Some are familiar, but others are profoundly strange

The amazing spotted jelly--one of the coolest jellyfish ever! And a distant relative of mine !

montereybayaquarium: Have you seen our spotted jellies? People tell us they can’t get enough of them—and neither can our staff photographer, Randy Wilder. We love this new image! Learn more about “The Jellies Experience.

underwater wonder creatures: Jellyfish by fretfuljo via indulgy

Amazing Jellyfish has the unique colors of the flowers and the ocean water. This beautiful creature is floating in the ocean near their home. What a beautiful tattoo idea.

So beautiful!

'Magnificent Jellyfish' by OceanSense Productions [tags Tanzania Africa]

deadliest animals box jellyfish 2 The Worlds Six Smallest and Deadliest Animals - Australian box jellyfish

The World’s Six Smallest And Deadliest Animals

Box jellyfish is most dangerous creatures of the world. Some people fell scared with name of box jellyfish. recorded death since 1954 reason of the box jellyfish.

Spotted comb jelly

We only exhibit spotted comb jellies (Leucothea pulchra) when they’re present in the bay–and we have them now in the Drifters Gallery. We’re the only aquarium to exhibit these fragile jellies, so have.