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QUESTION: Why is it so few young people talk about mental health positively, or admit to struggles?

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There are so many young girls influenced by the media and society, and in this day and age, the media and society portray everyone who isn’t under 100 pounds to be fat. Since when do you need layers of makeup covering every single flaw to be beautiful? Since when are curves fat? Since when are freckles considered ugly?...You don’t need a bunch of makeup, or diet pills, or plastic surgery, or a diet, just be yourself... because everyone is beautiful... You are enough.

I'm not enough. I am a whole lot of amazing and give all of me, I try to be beautiful enough and show so much love but eventually I'm never enough.

101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration

101 Incomparable Portrait Photography Tips and Ideas for Inspiration

the girl stood at the end of the cliff, mist swirling about her. her skin was pale and her eyes had a cold look to them. the set of her mouth was grim. before he could react, she turned and dove off into the dark, churning waters below.


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How To Take Care Of Your Feet On Pointe

Tyler Shields, Summer of Pointe. Unfortunately, the real life of a dancer!

Sad girls on film, 35mm melancholy by Chloe Sheppard | Photography | HUNGER TV

Chloe Sheppard is shooting girls on film. Her aesthetic is dreamy and nostalgic, with a thread of melancholy running through - the world she& created references old school Americana, VHS, bad girls like Drew and Winona and the moodiness of film noir