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Tweeter - Create Your Own Twitter Feed

"What a fun, creative idea! I love this and love that it can be used in a VARIETY of subjects across the board!

FB get to know your kids BB

FB get to know your kids BB- this is adorable. could do one of these that's got bible characters too! kinda mix them together by presenting the bible characters first then having them do their own : )

So What's the Big Deal? Getting to the Main Idea & Key Details - (Standard 2) Great tie in to social media

So What's the Big Deal? Getting to the Main Idea & Key Details - (Standard 2)

Hello Literacy: So What's the Big Deal? Getting to the Main Idea & Key Details - (Standard - Adapt to middle school

629.892 HYL. Students will be enthralled reading about how robots work, some major advances in robotic technology and predictions for the future of robots. It is part of an exciting series on robots and their place in every day life written for middle to upper primary students.Features include:Up Close Profiles These full page character profiles explain the name and size of the robot, the work they do, the skills they have and the roles they play.

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Facebook Character Profile Activity product from The-Creative-Classroom on TeachersNotebook.com

Facebook Character Profile Activity

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allows students to create a FAKE facebook page in order to show character analysis on a story read in class. It is not associated with facebook and is completely made up and controlled by the one user creating it. I think it would make a really fun novel review to show they got the gist of the story.

UpDate: One of my readers left a comment about My Fake Wall that I want to share with you. My Fake Wall (beta) ““I have had sooooooooooo many problems.

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Business Brochure

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