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Natural Coloring      Brown - Use cocoa powder      Salmon Pink - Use cayenne pepper      Yellow - Use turmeric      Peach - Use paprika      Beige - Use cinnamon powder      Yellow/peach - Use curry powder

Natural Coloring for soaps: Brown-cocoa powder Pink -cayenne pepper Yellow -turmeric Peach - Use paprika Beige -cinnamon powder Yellow/peach -curry powder

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There are many common household and food items that can be combined to make natural hair care homemade recipes.

Olive Oil Soap Recipe      24oz (680g) Olive Oil     8oz (227g) Palm Fruit Oil     2oz (57g) White Beeswax     10oz (283g) water     5oz (142g) Lye (Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda)     3 to 4 teaspoons of essential oil or Fragrance Oil available at Amazon or Choose one of the following combinations (see below)

Homemade Lye soap is one of the great soap recipes, fantastic for people with sensitive skin and it& an excellent cleanser for people suffering from acne.

Foaming Body Frosting Recipe is a free recipe from Natures Garden wholesale soaps supplies. Learn how to make your own homemade body frosting.

If you are looking for a great foaming body frosting, Natures Garden has a wonderful recipe. This foaming body frosting is a luxurious, rich foaming soap that can be scented and colored to your liking.

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Providing an extensive selection of soap making supplies, including exotic butters, oils & more.

Most recipes on SavvyHomemade require some ingredients and the soap recipes are no exeption. Let's take a detailed look at what homemade soap supplies and soap making equipment is required. And show you some of the best places to buy wholesale soap supplies.

Luxury Homemade Face Soap Recipe: When it comes to making soap at home this luxury melt & pour recipe is great. It’s simple to make & is adaptable to suit any skin type just by choosing the correct oil to match your skin.

Milky Way Molds - Wonderland 2 Soap Mold, $8.25 (http://www.milkywaymolds.com/wonderland-2-soap-mold/)

Milky Way™ Wonderland 2 Soap Mold (MW 195)

As part of our Wonderland series of soap molds based on the Lewis Carroll classic with illustrations by John Tenniel, our Wonderland 2 soap mold features the White Rabbit as the Red Queen’s herald, and Alice trying to play croquet with a flamingo.

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Bulk Apothecary stocks a complete line of soap making supplies including straight soap cutters and more.