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im laughing so hard

#tsoa #patrochilles

#tsoa #patrochilles

I love how they were basically the first gay ship on history

That explains why Aristotle taught Alexander the beauty of homosexuality lol

Love this, but it needs to be noted that Achilles at least was bi/pan/poly. He did have female lovers; I wish people would stop "HE/SHE GAY" like bi/pan/poly don't fecking exist

How tf do people not know that Ancient Greece was gay af <-- Horrible Histories didn't cover it, and I wish it had. Now I know why Spartan brides cut their hair short.<<< the greeks were gay

This went from adorable to making me want to cry

wow my "this is not okay" list has grown to an unhealthy amount since solangelo

The Song of Achilles

The Song of Achilles, Patroclus trying to stop Achilles from killing Hector and so causing his own death

The Song of Achilles - Patrochilles

I'm in physical, mental, and emotional pain


the song of achilles

TSOA - Patrochilles

It totally went that way!