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nice jokes

Nice jokes.

25 Ways To Find Your One True Soulmate - article's kinda "meh" but this picture is funny

Hahahaha:) This is the best joke ever!!

Hahahaha:) I usually hate blonde jokes but this is the best joke ever!

Must teach to children!!!! Time to Exorcise the Demons!

Time to Exorcise the Demons!

I wish to devour the unborn! (Translation: I'd like some eggs for breakfast, please.

Trollista - Awkward Father's Day Moments

trying to wish you a happy fathers day but your phone is off . unhappy fathers day - happy fathers day phone sms whatsapp - happy fathers day 2014 quotes, sms messages and

We got donuts!

My dad would do this Autocorrect Fails and Funny Text Messages - SmartphOWNED

I can hear you

This would definitely be me, if I had a computer in my room. Unfortunately, my mom makes us keep it in the living room. It USED to be in my room, but then mom got all nostalgic and wanted me to 'communicate' and be 'social'.

funny texts to send to friends - Google Search

I'm gonna randomly text this to a friend one day . (friends be warned XD)<<< Me and my friends are random, so they probably would laugh and send me something even more random.<<<I taught me friends the gummy bear abcs so they'd just join me

This is a pin you don't even read before repinning because it's got to be the most awesome and true thing ever.

Ghetto hikes…

Funny pictures about Ghetto hikes. Oh, and cool pics about Ghetto hikes. Also, Ghetto hikes.

This person dropping guilt bombs. | 17 Perfect Responses For When Someone Doesn't Text Back

17 Perfect Responses For When Someone Doesn't Text Back

People who take ages to reply text messages. Though 30 minutes is a bit impatient. 3 days, on the other hand.


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Epic Girlfriend And Boyfriend. Had to pin this cause it uses my boyfriends name and I could so see him sending me something like this.


Teenage daughter complains to her police officer dad. He trolls her in style. Don't tell me how to live my life.