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done that...every darn day at work!

Yeah I might be a tad bit guilty of this a time or two before.

LOL I really do!!

I don't close my shower curtains but if I'm in someone else's house I will look!

Do you want my autograph?

allllllllll the tiiiiiiiime. i've killed so many trees lol.

Oh yes I do. rhondathompson

and they end up getting hurt because they have no sense of humor and they take themselves too seriously. Yeah, I can relate.

This is why I didn't excel in school...seriously. ;-)

oh how I miss first grade but now, jr high, everything has to have an explanation!


I asked my mom literally EVERY time this happened. She tried to explain in the lingo of a 5 year old, but just gave up after awhile and said "I don't know." I knew she'd say that every time, but I asked anyway. I dunno.