Corgi shaming!!

Corgi shaming - awww, he ate a block of cream cheese! Look at those ears.

Corgi-Zilla! | Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Prince, @ the May 2010 San Diego Corgi Meetup, in another great shot via Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Jeff Dillon Photography

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Alert and Affectionate

Cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Named: 'Prince' says: "I can deal with a tennis ball just as well as Roger Federer!" (Photographed at The May, 2010 San Diego Corgi Meetup. Photo By: © Jeff Dillon Photography.

Winston the pure white corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi - Alert and Affectionate

They get along sometimes    dawwwwwww

A tired corgi is a happy corgi! Two tired corgis is a treat!