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Transformations Home Stylists: A Natural Christmas at the Ralph Lauren Mansion New York City

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I REALLY like this idea. for the right room ~!~ A DOUBLE-SIDED BOOKCASE as a room divider. Separates the living and dining areas of decorator Alex Papachristidis’s apartment in Manhattan . I could use something like this in a bookcase!

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Book Nook in a fireplace that is no longer usable. Very creative use of space. Just make sure to clean that fireplace well before putting any books in there and to seal things to prevent water damage or pests from coming down the chimney.


Knowledge Room Gentleman’s Essentials

Navigator Collection Library Bookshelf Wallpaper available 4 Colours, rolls from Andrew Martin in Paris.


the house shelters daydreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace. I want to have one of those in my house!

Classic Library Design Ideas Lights on shelves! Manhattan Library Bookcases cleverly mask awkward angles in the library of a Manhattan apartment designed by Alexander Doherty. French lamps overhang the vintage Eames chair in its original leather.

Cosy heaven!

Julie's Houzz - eclectic - living room - los angeles - by Madison Modern Home (Great bookshelf)

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Overlapping rugs, high backed dramatic couch, stone ceiling, chandelier and books from top to bottom ♡ this library is heaven