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Embrace & Love your Darkness Unconditionally. When you do, The Light fills the void, the darkness, the 'evil'. Then tell another human being you Trust. You will see the darkness turned to LOVE & LIGHT!

Gothic Quotes,Dark Quotes,Dark Gothic,Black Heart,Gothic Beauty,Dark Side,Darkness,Inspirational Quotes,Night

Goth Quotes,Dark Quotes,Gothic Beauty,Dark Gothic,Black Heart,Dark Side,Darkness,Night,Inspirational Quotes


Photo (What is the wave?)


Art of bat/cat that is sitting up on a tower of catacombs. I find this art intriguing and fascinating. Source: arcaneimages: By: Nat Jones

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Who begat Crow? Screaming for Blood Grubs, crusts Anything. Trembling featherless elbows in the nest's filth” ― Ted Hughes, Crow-

Show me your darkness

Unfortunately nobody loves the darkness, how can you love someone if you can't embrace their dark side.Seeking the depths of you. the vastness of you. every twist and turn of your soul. and embracing even the darkness. No surface level shit. I want



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