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Ray Collins | He’s the world’s best water photographer and he’s just released these haunting images.

Mountains Of The Sea: Photographer ‘Freezes’ Waves To Make Them Look Like Mountains - Australian photographer Ray Collins


The Most Beautiful Photographs Of 2014 - Jokulsarlon Glaier Lagoon, Iceland - "Dreamscape"- Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

Photographer Transforms Ocean Waves Into Glorious Mountains

This Photographer Transforms Ocean Waves Into Glorious Mountains

“These waves break on barnacle-covered reefs that are like cheese grater. Once I swam into a freshly attacked half-eaten seal still hemorrhaging blood.” Photo by: Ray Collins

Eagle by Ray Collins

Stop a moment of the motion of a wave is equivalent to capture a moment, fleeting. Here's what makes Ray Collins in his photographs: freezes the time.

Unknown in Quartz - Danny J. Sanchez - Photomicrography of Inclusions Inside Gemstones - Los Angeles

Photomicrographer Danny Sanchez looked for rejected gems that contain unwanted particles in them, otherwise known as 'inclusions'.