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Compassion - Lior

"La Yu’minu" (Until You Love Your Brother), a song by Nigel Westlake, Lior, Sydney Symphony Orchestra on Spotify

I have a hard time believing this is possible! I have yet to experience a seder that is less than 2 hours!

Passover Seder Haggadah (for a shorter kid friendly Pesach)

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“This high ranking Muslim officer in the IDF, has a few words to say to those who accuse Israel of "apartheid":”

Each handwritten Mezuzah scroll is written by one of three expert, qualified sofrim and is shipped either flat or rolled, in a paper or plastic case. Click on View Larger image to see samples of the scribes' handwritting. (10cm / apx. 4) This Me

Ashkenazi Text Mezuzah Parchment Scroll

A beautiful certificate all ready to fill in. Art print watercolor on fine art paper with gold foil stamping, depicts an idyllic home surrounded with a border of flowers and the text: Grant blessing to her father and her mother.

What is Purim Infographic

What is the Jewish Holiday of Purim?

Sultan Knish: Kill the Two State Solution

Have I failed to acknowledge Palestinian violence?

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Haggadah themed coloring placemats and FREE coloring place cards

What members of the Jewish Book Council staff are reading this month | July 2013

What members of the Jewish Book Council staff are reading this month

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of Israel's Jewish Zionist founders were not ethnically cleansed from Europe.

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Next time someone tells you that Israel is to blame for problems in the Middle East, remind them that size matters.

Passover 2012 - Seder Plate - The Macaroons

"How to Survive a Seder With Kids" from (my fave site for modern Jewish moms!