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So true!
“Said No Teacher Ever” is Super Funny Because it’s All True. Very funny!
Who wants this on the wall of their classroom? @School Outfitters #teacherhumor
Teachers don't get enough credit. They're the reason why I can caption my pins with mostly correct grammar.
Fibromyalgia is now considered to be a lifelong central nervous disorder, which causes chronic pain ~
A teacher's face when... she is end-of-the-first-week-teacher tired.                                                                                                                                                     More
Five ways to use memes to connect with students... (from
Now That I Have Your Attention, Lets Think About Something Else
Using memes to introduce class rules...awesome!
Said no teacher ever....
Memes to teach class rules and routines for the beginning of the year.
Should I Ask My Teacher My Question?
Well, There Goes Another School Teacher...
LOL - I can't stop laughing.  Sad, but true.