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William Bennett At The Western Conservative Summitt

Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett spoke at a luncheon for conservative activists.

Great American Conservative Women 2014

FREE 2014 Great American Conservative Women Calendar for Students - I Crave Freebies

Cool The EU is giving itself a transfusion – from one arm to the other – Telegraph Blogs... Best Quotes Love

Nationalism doesnt threaten peace, nor does the EU preserve it

If Not Us, Who?: William Rusher, “National Review,” and the Conservative Movement

If Not Us, Who?: William Rusher, “National Review,” and the Conservative Movement

National Review. This magazine has been at the forefront of conservative thought since its founding in 1955 by William F. Buckley Jr. Every other week, National Review provides keen reporting, commentary and analysis on politics, economics, and current events from a conservative perspective. National Review gives you a side of the news that you just can't find anywhere else--with a style and wit guaranteed to keep you interested and informed--plus unsurpassed book and movie reviews.

Wherever you turn in the world today, it seems that the virus of Communism — in every Marxist, socialist strain — remains alive and well.

Geez!  I'm going to have to give up watching "10"!  I guess it's a small price to pay!  There are so many sane women in the world.

I'm going to have to give up watching I guess it's a small price to pay! There are so many sane women in the world.

Love her.

Sarah is a strong, beautiful, loving Christian woman whom I admire greatly. SHINE ON SARAH!

Buchanan Says Trump ‘Saved White People,’ Calls for White Affirmative Action - The Business Standard News

Writing at The American Conservative, Pat Buchanan makes the shocking case for a surprise de facto U. ally in the Syrian war. Our Congress appears again

Obama's Snooping Wednesday, June 12, 2013  By: Nat Hentoff, World Net Daily Nat Hentoff says his late immigrant parents would be shocked by today's headlines

Obama’s snooping — this is America?

WND EXCLUSIVE DOJ regards criticism of Islam, Obama as criminal? attorney who vowed to punish anti-Muslim rhetoric also prosecuted 'birther'


11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative Paul Kengor writes a classic.>>>> By Jeffrey Lord –

However, what I find most  disconcerting about this and other attacks on black conservatives is the manner in which the black community itself stands by and does nothing when white liberal progressives demean conservative blacks. - See more at: http://rare.us/story/allen-west-the-hunt-for-black-conservatives/#sthash.8pZmJwCV.dpuf

“Big Bang Theory” star Jim Parsons visited “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and helped the host with a very special segment

Guardian of the Republic: An American Ronin`s Journey to Faith, Family and Freedom

2015 Archive - National Review Online | National Review Online

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Tammy Bruce

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The Audacity of Hope.- Just finished this too, I wish I had listened to Dreams of my Father instead.  This was pretty clearly gearing up for his 2008 Presidential run, I would have liked to learn more about his personal history.

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream Republicans and Democrats Values Our Constitution Politics Opportunity & Faith

Newt Gingrich Conservative Leadership Seminar

Newt Gingrich spoke at a seminar on conservative leadership.

EWTN Newt Gingrich Interview Regarding Obamacare

World Over - -- Newt Gingrich on Obamacare, George Weigel, USCCB with Raymond Arroyo