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Answer by former Catholic priest, Richard Bennett. Includes evidence that mysticism has gained approval of the Catholic church.

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❥ Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie

Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie -The truth behind white witchcraft and Earth Religions which are becoming so popular among our young people. This apparently harmless nature religion is exposed by Bill, a former Wiccan high priest and gives chil

In a recent interview, Pastor Justin Peters addressed his concerns about the best-selling book by Sarah Young, Jesus Calling. Peters carefully and biblically laid out the problems with this book, which has spawned many derivatives: devotionals, teen and children’s versions, even a study Bible. The author of this book has talked about being influenced by a book written by two mystics...BEWARE!

IMPORTANT WARNING about Jesus Calling. Please read this article if you use Jesus Calling in your devotional time. Sola Sisters: Problems With Bestselling Book "Jesus Calling"

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