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RUNNING WITH OLLIE: Its All in Your Head: Mental Tricks for Running

"Scientists Explain How the Brain Cleans Itself" "Every organ in the body has to expel waste somehow. Despite the brain's importance in the body, scientists were previously unclear as to how the.

Running Pains | Runner's World: How to deal with your mind when it's begging you to quit

How to Work Through Painful Thoughts That Interfere with Working Out taming-the-booty

How To: Develop MENTAL TOUGHNESS to run a marathon #sostrong

How to Develop Mental Toughness to Run a Marathon

Completing a marathon is one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments you may achieve in your life. Almost anyone in good physical condition.

6 Tips to Boost Your Mental Toughness  http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/6-tips-to-boost-your-mental-toughness

6 Tips to Boost Your Mental Toughness

6 Tips to Boost Your Mental Toughness Zoë Romano is running more than a marathon. Six days a week. For nine weeks. Get her tips for how to boost your mental tenacity

I like running, but what I really like is...

"I like running.because i really, really, really, really, really like dessert." This is so true! We LOVE dessert. SGC is about winning the tug-of-war between loving food and not wanting to get fat.

This is so crazy! I have never heard of these before! Sunglasses, but in contact form. Great for running outside this summer

Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses

Not sire how I feel about this +Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses.instead of sunglasses wear these tinted contact lenses and you won't be squinting. This would be cool for Climbing or sports where you don't want to wear sunglasses. Also, a summer wedding.

There are multiple types of sexual abuse, each leaving a different impact on the victim

Sexual Abuse victims are 26 more likely to Abuse Drugs and Substances. covers the four types of sexual abuse; statistics for both males & females sexual abuse victims; common examples of what is considered sexual abuse.

See how your running stats compare against these.

The Ultimate Runner's Guide (Infographic)

The Ultimate Runner's Guide (Infographic). Our Ultimate Runner's Guide has all the necessary info to keep you going strong, from warm-ups and racing tips to equipment and training.

positive reinforcemnt to continue running....great list!

Training for a long race is a great excuse to eat carbs ;) _nicd_ Training for a long race is a great excuse to eat carbs ;) Training for a long race is a great excuse to eat carbs ;