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Catacombs, Paris There are the bones of more bodies down here than people who currently live in Paris. http://www.HotelDealChecker.com

Catacombs, Paris There are the bones of more bodies down here than people who currently live in Paris. I guess it's good to know about skeletons in your closet.or catacombs.

Exploring the World' Catacombs.

Exploring the history of catacombs

Beneath the city streets that travellers walk on each day, dark labyrinths of underground tunnels transport travellers to a time when millions of people were buried underground.

At the height of Rome’s power the Coliseum represented everything that was Imperial to the citizens of Rome. Gladiators would fight to the death here for the amusement of Caesar and the mobs; thousands of prisoners of war and victims of religious persecution met their end in the jaws of lions and tigers in the sandy arena of the Coliseum; and even those animals were decimated, for in its time the Coliseum consumed tens of thousands of animals, some reportedly driven into extinction by the…

Night-time Lighting onto the Colosseum, Rome. Second iteration of lighting scheme with linear uplighting at cornice details. Still retains the contrast of cool and warm lighting to add depth and drama to the architectural detailing.

Bodies from victims of the Thirty Years’ and Silesian wars adorn the Czermna Chapel in Poland.

6 Creepy Churches Made of Bones

Poland’s Czermna Chapel. Bones from victims of the Thirty Years’ War and the Silesian Wars adorn the Czermna Chapel. Built in 1176 by a local priest, bones surround you on the walls, and stretch overhead in skull & crossbones.

Rome, Italy

20 Crazy Facts About The World’s Most Incredible Burial Sites

Photographs document the global traditions of living with the dead -Santa Maria della Concezione, Rome, Italy- Dr.

St Cecilia, Roman martyr, by Stefano Maderno (Source: http://francismarotti.blogspot.fr/2009_03_01_archive.html) [StCecilia.jpg]

St Cecilia is buried beneath the high altar of the basilica of St Cecilia in Rome. While the body is not on display, a sculpture by Stefano Moderno portrays the saint's body as it was discovered at the econd exhumation in 1599