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A selection of Sculptures  by Philip Jackson (Scottish b.1944- )♥♥

Philip Jackson, b 1944 - winner of National Peace Sculpture Competition, Manchester City Council, 1987

Funny Text About Dad vs. Son

Funny Text About Dad vs. Son

intermittents: (18+)

darkerangels: “When you know I’m pissed ” Pretty Girls & Bourbon

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"Dark Souls bosses splash art" Is what it said on my frie ds board, I ha e no clue what this is lol but it looks amazing.

Then never being able to find it again.

Teenager Post 101 - 200

and then you can't find it cuz you named a thousand other files "asdfghj"

New and easy ways to decorate for Christmas | Easy Christmas Decorations - Red Online

new and easy ways to decorate for christmas

New and easy ways to decorate for Christmas including some very easy Christmas decorations from RedOnline

For water coloring

Minimalistic bokeh nature photography - 5 beautiful examples (Check my other boards for more great photos)