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misleading moriarty is so misleading

I love Misleading Moriarty. I wonder if he spoke with Jake.at State Farm.

"Psychologists say each time you deny yourself a cigarette when you want one...you JOLT your nerves. Now you can smoke all you want!" ~ No Jolting necessary, until you get a look at that X-Ray!

Vintage cigarette ad, extolling the virtues of new "mint Julep cigarettes and - above all - warning that denying yourself one cigarette is a jolt to your nerves!

Rare Photos of Elvis Presley

In May just before shooting the NBC-special, Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie went to Hawaii. Arizona Memorial - for which Elvis did a benefit in 1961 - Elvis and Priscilla visited Ed Parker's championship karate tournament.

Circa late 1800's to early 1900's is my guess. It treats BAD BREATH!! WOW! The medical field was so interesting in its ways back then.....i meant "BIZARRE", yeah Bizarre...

nsydeout: “ Smoke cigarettes to cure asthma? But the funniest shit is the very last line, “Not recommended for children under ” so i should start smoking?

Can you afford not to smoke?

What's Secondhand Smoke? This 1951 Marlboro ad both pours on the kitsch with a cute baby, and lays on the parental guilt ("Just one question, Mom: Can you afford not to smoke? CREDIT: Stanford School of Medicine

SMOKE! SMOKE! SMOKE! (THAT CIGARETTE)  This sure takes me back, Sooo very FUNNY!!!!

A toe tapping romp through (mostly) vintage cigarette TV advertising with music by Asleep at the Wheel. Also featured is the earliest filmed ad for Admiral C.

"For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking"

For more information on lung cancer, keep smoking. The British Columbia Lung Association Ad