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Bat-family lineup

thegoshdarnrobin: “ Bat-family lineup by *marciotakara ”

Batfinger by MayhWolf on DeviantArt

Bruce Wayne, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Dick Grayson

The Robins and their relationships with Batman.

Robins < (Random though: Like, Dick, Tim, and Damian are cartoony and cutesy, and then there's Jason.

Dick Grayson.<<<<idk who put this but this is Damian Wayne.....dick Grayson comics dont look nearly as good

<<<<idk who put this but this is Damian Wayne.dick Grayson comics dont look nearly as good <<< It's from All Star Batman & Robin, the retelling of Dick's origins by Frank Miller & Jim Lee

Damian Wayne - the fifth Robin. Son of Batman, grandson of Ra's al ghul, son of Talia al ghul

age up damian by last heroine

last-heroine: “ i’m sick so im cheering myself up w/ drawin my favorite boys i’ve been wantin’ to draw an aged up!damian for ages now lmao … ”

Older Damian with Titus and Alfred

the very best of friends through the years(titus, titus, you are dROOLING ON HIM, UGH–)Dick and DamiTim and DamiJason and DamiSteph and DamiCass and DamiAlfred and Dami