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Old dogs can be just as cute as puppies!

Old dogs can be just as cute as puppies. SO TRUE! :( nobody EVER pays attention to old dogs

funny dog picture with funny glasses on

Happy meal eyes on a dog! Having fun with McDonald's and a German Shepherd


aplacetolovedogs: “ We believe we heard someone say something about a field trip to the dog park! We’re all ready to go! Visit our poster store ”

"I cleaned your car for you."

15 troublemaker dogs that mastered the poker face

pup in a truck

Funny pictures about Ear compass. Oh, and cool pics about Ear compass. Also, Ear compass.

Hes HOME! #rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

Hes HOME! #rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

Labs are...

LABRADORS - Hearts of gold, heads of stone, stomachs of iron. I had a black lab mix a long time ago. She ate the wall, too.