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El Cucuy

How Latino bedtime stories usually end… Sometimes it's el Cucuy, sometimes it's La Llorona, and sometimes it's El Chupacabras. But one thing's certain, they ALWAYS come for you if you don't behave and go memees… lol

It really does. Then I say "Ew WHORE spotting" out loud.

"Everytime I see you, a voice in my head goes 'sluuuuuuuuuttt!' " that we can relate to

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OMG I do this all the time lol when my advisor (Teacher) or my friends tell me to calm down and do breathing techniques.

It's like, you've gotta breathe, but don't breathe too deeply or you're going to feel just as panicky as you'd feel if you stopped breathing. Regulating breathing when you're freaking isn't easy, but it's definitely helpful.