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Muslims torturing & murdering Christian men, women & children…Nazi Germany all over again…while the world watches.

Muslims torturing and murdering Christian men, women and children.Nazi Germany all over again.while the world watches. The world has sat around for decades astonished that anyone let the NAZIs exist. WE ARE DOING THE SAME THING TODAY!

Tell us, Congress, we don't deserve our retirement. #keepyourpromise

It's sad that everyone in DC keeps padding their pockets while men and women in the Armed Forces keep getting screwed! God Bless our Military and the wonderful families that support them!

Hahah so great

Pinned using PinFace! Yep, this is an Obama supporter looking for free contraception, free abortions if that fails and free anything else she can get. She will have to buy her own burka when Sharia Law comes.

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That's why the corrupt establishment is against him. They know he will expose all the corruption and their pockets being padded while real working Americans suffer .

Ha...no child of mine better come home with this on their paper! See where this country is going ppl??!

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This is awful that someone was told to remove Jesus! Jesus is always there and he is very important! This teacher needs prayer