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It's always too soon.

When someone made this (too soon) Pitch Perfect reference. And that's why I don't care about major events like The Super Bowl, last time I cared about a huge sporting event, Voldemort came back and Cedric Diggory died

If Hogwarts Students Complained…

Student Complaints in Hogwarts (I would like to say that I think math is taught all along. How could these kids make any of their potions if they can't do math? Just my two cents as a Harry Potter nerd.

So did I. But I remembered there were worse things than death

A fandom's mutual hatred. Love it.> I wanted Voldemort to die a quick, clean, painless death. I wanted her to have her to be kissed by dementors and then have to live the rest of her miserable life.

Just a thing to think about... just a thought...

If you still think the Harry Potter books are still for kids, then I have serious doubts whether you can actually read. Only Trix are for kids.

You don't know who did this, but they are the best friend you didn't know you had. XD

PART 78 (two homestuck posts in this one too, just for the person annoyed last time. enjoy)


No but imagine James, Peter, and Remus trying to explain to McGonagall. "Professor, a dog ate my homework-" "Even if that's true, we don't allow dogs on campus." James glares at Sirius out of the corner of his eye and Sirius smiles.

Oh. My. God. Do you ever wonder if she actually does this or if we see it and she just says she did it on purpose?

Now it is 8 horcruxes because of the new book (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child)band they forgot Sirius but it all makes sense now

Harry Tumblr #10

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That is actually very hard. Oh gosh...

Does this put us all in Slytherin? <<Choose world peace your a Hufflepuff Choose Hogwarts your a slytherin I am a Hufflepuff but deep down I'm pretty sure I probably would've chosen to go to Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Tumblr #2 by Vlade harry potter fandom has finally lost their minds

Harry Tumblr #2

Why does everyone think Harry stole the lollipop ! He didn't if he did you would see his hand coming out of the invisibility cloak or the lollipop would have turned invisible ! IT GOT STUCK TO THE FREAKING CLOAK!