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Teresa Martin explores the dynamics of the Charming Family in her first article for Snowing Weekend.

First Love- You always have to have a fthat's so strong, you never wanna lose it. But when you do it's tragic. Her Truest Love- A love so rare and so powerful, not many find it. For it is the most beautiful, most powerful, the most strong. It can never be replaced. <----- previous pinner, but I loved what she said #onceuponatime #ouat

Why sleep when you can meme?

Once Upon A Time. Emma and her love interests. Neal and Swanfire, August. Captain Hook and Captain Swan she didn't fall in love with August

When I first heard that OUAT was making Peter Pan evil, I was so sad. But then I watched that season, and he was awesome regardless!!

I need to start getting into this show again. I havent seen a smile like that in forever! Robby Kay - love that smile!

Killian Jones - 4 * 20  "Mother" #CaptainHook

Life is not a photo shoot Colin! But, on second thought, keep doing what you're doing.

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OUAT - Hook -- (wait is it just me or this looks like one of Regina's costume before?

"Don't be afraid to REALLY get into it!" - I love this because Hook kind of bounces when he says it! - OUAT - Captain Hook - Once Upon a Time

"Don't be afraid to REALLY get into it!" - I love this because Hook kind of bounces when he says it! - my favorite OUAT quote.

Did you know, I heard about that. Interesting...

OUAT Did you know: Rumplestiltskin's voice

That makes them siblings ?

Peter Pan's my dad? Wait that means I'm in love with my dad.

Charming: "You don't have to go through any of it alone. We're family." #OUAT

Charming and Emma, one of my favorite family dynamics on the show. I love the way he clearly thinks of sheriff-ing as their father-daughter time and always looks really annoyed when anyone interrupts it