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Musical Terms for the Digital Age Worksheet

Young musicians must unscramble music expressions and then use the key pad from a digital keyboard to answer a music trivia question.

Time Signatures Worksheet

You'll never miss a beat with a resource packet filled with puzzles, quizzes, and activity worksheets that focus on time signatures. Don't quaver or rest until you score this packet.

Comparing Poems Worksheet

Young literary analysts compare two poems by the same author. Readers look for slant rhyme, observe the beat and rhythm of each, and search for repeated vowel sounds.

Music Reader Worksheet

They analyze sound rhythm, pattern, and volume.

Do Staff Notation Which One Do You Hear? Worksheet from Do Worksheet Bundle--Special $2 Flash Sale on Tuesday, May 13

Music Worksheet Bundle: Do

Do Staff Notation Which One Do You Hear? Worksheet from Do Worksheet Bundle

Science of Music Worksheet

Guide young scientists through an exploration of these two seemly different subjects with a physical science resource based on Bill Nye the Science Guy's Music"episode.

Musical Families Worksheet

Musical Families Worksheet

Treasure Island Clues: Melody Worksheet

In order to answer a music trivia question, young musicians must count the number of ties in a melody, name the final note, and use these clues to spell out Charlie Parker's nickname.

Fill-In: Nicki Minaj Worksheet

Nicki Minaj is a pop and fashion icon to today's youth.

Indian Music Worksheet

If your class has read anything on Indian music, they'll love completing these worksheets.

Hurray for May! You’ll love this set of 45 worksheets for music class. It is great to use for homework, large group work, centers or workstations, sub plans and assessment. Piano and voice teachers may find this packet useful for theory work in addition to their regular lessons. This set is NO PREP! Just print and go with this end of the school year themed collection.

No Prep Music Worksheets for MAY


MUSIC THEORY WORKSHEETS Whole Steps/Tones and Half Steps/Semitones

SIX Music Theory Worksheets for Reinforcing the Concept of Whole Steps/Tones and Half Steps/Semitones Worksheets contain BOTH North American and British terminology.

Shhh...Your Piano Teacher Thinks This is Practice

Piano Practice Exercises

88 piano practice exercises that are absolutely, positively, most definitely, NOT BORING!