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Correction there are many black people with red hair - Google it. Also it's about the choice of stories they chose to tell not the colour of the characters within those stories. Frozen unlike Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty etc was not a classic well known tale so they could have chosen something else.

I AGREE WITH THIS(p. The little mermaid is a story made by Hans Christian Andersen who is from Norway, who also made the story called the snow queen which frozen is based off of)<<< pardon some of the language

Some girls did a speech on this in my comm apps class.

Satanists are not stupid, we as a while are smart and we know where we're going<<< I'm an atheist but Satan seems like a cool dude to me, much better than the Christian God

Seriously. NO ONE IS GOING TO CARE.  Why on Earth would this idiot "Christian" couple think their union is more important than anybody else's?  Get a divorce. I dare you.

Do people really think them divorcing will make any difference? It's almost as if they think they're more important than every same-sex couple.oh wait, Christians ARE that self-important :).

Literally Christians weren't even part of the conversation until you brought them up. What does that tell you, exactly?

Just gonna say, I'm a Christian yet I am pansexual and genderfluid<<< same. I'm Christian and bisexual

Shout out to you people

shout out to everyone who can treat people with respect despite their differences

lol I never thought of it this way! But everyone still has the right to practice the religion they believe in!

Please realize that this post is meant to be humours, if you take to much offense you are probably the people this was aimed at, those who aren't open minded.