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Students and Teachers – Should both be friends on Facebook?  Things to think about...

With the rise of social networking services, the teacher/student relationship is perhaps more delicate than ever. An infographic has been revealed by

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Good instructional design involves an analysis of the learner. We should ask, "Does this instructional design match my students' learning styles"? Use this infographic to reflect on various learning styles.

Obama Vs. Romney: The College Student Vote  Via: Best Online Colleges

Infographic: The College Vote: Obama vs. Romney

is social media ruining students

Infographic: Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Funny infographic on pro's contra's of an social media addiction. Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Although it is required by law for Facebook users to be at least 13 to join the network, many believe the age limit should be higher.

Consumers Believe Facebook Users Should be Older than the Age 13 Requirement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Consumers Believe Users Should be Older than Age 13 Requirement. Would you agree on this?

The battle between e-textbooks and print textbooks. Will traditional survive?

E-Textbooks: To Buy or Not Buy? The cost of books has skyrocketed and has placed on a heavy burden on students. Are e-textbooks a answer to the problem? Here is a neat infographic to help you understand how others view e-textbooks.

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Good Luck Paying For College!

The rising cost of education is cause for great concern, but coworking spaces will position themselves as alternative learning hubs as less and less people can afford to enrol in tertiary education.