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I will return to my regularly schedule level of expected hilarity as soon as I stop laughing.

For the love of 9gag and Harry Potter

For the love of

I love how it says "American version", but still uses British slang and vocabulary.

aw damn why cant we keep secrets anymore?

But the usernames in the last one "y'all motherfuckers need misha"

Every time someone asks me for school help. From middle school and still today in university

When You Go To Page Two On Google

The last resort // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Lol the last note

Can we remake The Princes Bride? With Benedict Cumberbatch as Inigo Montoya, Tom Hiddleston as Westley, and maybe Emilie de Ravin as Princess Buttercup?

Jasmine, we suspect that Aladdin might be…

Jasmine, we suspect that Aladdin might be…