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Im excited for the inevitable break up song! I love I knew you were trouble, so obviously harry inspires great songs from her!

*fake British accent* He calls me up and is like 'I still hate you' and I'm like 'I'm still obsessed with you'.

Fetus nialler

His hair look so blonde in this picture! And his tooth ♥♥♥

Youch... Well that went as well as could be expected.... Want some ice or an air pump for your deflated ego?

Well that went as well as could be expected. <<< I just shit my pants laughing at this

PAUL! where did this come from?! *sigh* oh gosh this fandom...

Okay directioners spread this around we can get private medical records at crap but not their phone numbers come on we can do better

Nobody ships Haylor>>> Hey everyone, go follow my chica @Nicole Novembrino Sammons!!! -Lyd :) <3

All I have to say is if Harrys happy then i'm happy. Also have anybody thought of how Taylor feels? Shes a person to and deserves respect!