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In the Black Years that followed the Eldar Days, after the fall of Numenor, the men of Westernesse returned to the shores of Middle Earth...of their kings Elendil the Tall was their chief, and his sons were Isildur and Anarion, mighty lords of ships.

The last day of Numenor

I don't post on Saturdays very often, but it's quite delightful to bring you guys some fresh works during the weekend as well. Here's some exquisite illustrations by Rhads, a super talented artist.

Original: "And Tuor stood upon the shore, and the sun was like a smoky fire behind the menace of the sky; and it seemed to him that a great wave rose far off and rolled towards the land, but wonder...

The Nine leaving Minas Morgul to The Shire. The Nazgul From Minas Morgul

Expanded map of western Middle-earth by taivaansusi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Original is printable size pixels) wall-mounted poster, so texts are not legible here. Expanded map of western Middle-earth

Carn Dûm – Der Herr der Ringe Wiki – Alles über Tolkiens Meisterwerke, Aragorn, Frodo, Gandalf, Sauron und den Einen Ring

Carn Dûm

Items similar to Tolkien Giclee Print from The Lord of the Rings - the Witch-king - gift for Tolkien fan, home decor on Etsy

Numenor under the waves by CosmicHawk.deviantart.com on @deviantART

In The Silmarillion by J. Tolkien, Númenor was an island between Middle Earth and Valinor. Numenor under the waves


Gwaihir the Wind Lord - King of the Eagles by ~JakeMurray on deviantART

King Manwë, of the world and the Breath of Arda!, DYMOND STARR AUSTIN on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/bD5LG

Манвэ Manwe King of the World, and the Breath of Arda by DymondStarr on DeviantArt


You have a wonderful view of the Giant mountains from the mountain the White peak lying northeast of the ridge.

[During the War of Wrath] "Finarfin finding Finrod’s grave in midwinter, and the grass still green on it... from a fanfic by Eilian, painted perfectly by the amazing Elena Kukanova." Art entitled 'King of the Valinorian Noldor' http://ekukanova.deviantart.com/art/King-of-the-Valinorian-Noldor-673497514

aneveninginlothlorien: “King of the Valinorian Noldor by EKukanova ”

La Compañía del Anillo en Moria, por el artista mexicano Juan Carlos Barquet

La Compañía del Anillo en Moria, por el artista mexicano Juan Carlos Barquet

Gandalf, by Magali Villeneuve.

Gandalf by Magali Villeneuve Portfolio: The Lord of The Rings LCG