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The Days of Captain Kangaroo, ~with  Mr. Green Jeans, Dancing Bear, Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose #memories #Captian_Kangaroo #TV

Dancing Bear, Mister Moose, Mr Green Jeans, Bunny Rabbit , and Captain Kangaroo. Some of my childhood friends ;

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Collections – David Tennant in Places He Shouldn’t Be

TV Show Families: Write down a list of names of characters from different TV families (like The Brady Bunch, The Simpsons, The Adams Family) and have guests try to guess the correct show.

Before Law and Order, before CSI there was.....Qunicy M.E.!!!

"Qunicy" - Jack Klugman as Dr. Quincy the Medical Examiner (forensic pathologist) for the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office. Quincy is assisted by his lab assistant, Sam Fujiyama (Robert Ito).

Mrs. Beasley. Loved this show!!

Buffy and Mrs. Beasley on the CBS sitcom Family Affair. Mary Anissa Jones -- March 1958 – August was an American child actress known for her role as Buffy on the CBS sitcom Family Affair. She died from combined drug intoxication at the age of

Gonna live forever!

One of my favorite TV shows as a kid. I wanted to attend that high school so bad.

Jonny Quest.  Probably my second all time favorite cartoon as a kid.

Jonny Quest - loved this when I was a kid! Johnny Quest, his dad Dr. Benton Quest, Race Bannon, Hadji, and Bandit the dog.

I had this doll i loved it her hair would grow and it had a knob on her back you whined it back up.

My Top 5 Favorite Toys

loved this doll. Push her belly button to let her hair grow long. And wind up the knob on her back to make it short. My sister had this fun doll.

The Partridge Family (TV Series 1970–1974) David Cassidy was a babe. I was 8 at the time and I still had good taste,lol.!

The Partridge Family (TV Series - Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaducci.

One of the best shows, ever!

The Wonder Years. This is my favorite show of all time. It captured all the things kids go through growing up in a funny and nostalgic way. The music is iconic and probably the reason this series isn't on DVD anywhere.

The Courtship of Eddie's Father (1969-72, ABC) starring Bill Bixby, Brandon Cruz & Miyoshi Umeki — 1969 comic book

"People let me tell ya 'bout my best friend. He's a warm boy, cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy" Courtship of Eddies Father 1969

Captain Kangaroo and Mr Greenjeans

Green Jeans + Captain Kangaroo ❤️ I loved it when Mr. Green-jeans would bring the animals. I wish kids had something like this to watch nowadays.

Family.  We never missed watching it.  Everyone told my daughter Jen that she looked like Kristy McNichol who played Buddy on the show.

Family (TV Series Kristy McNichol always reminded me of my sister. Loved this show. She was unlike anyone else, I loved watching it!

KISS MY GRITS!! - Flo, she worked at Mel's Diner on the hit television sitcom Alice. A man asked Flo, I've heard you say that for years. Exactly where ARE a woman's grits? She grinned that grin and said, Aw darlin', half the fun of grits is lookin' for um ;-)"

Alice (Television Show). The spunky waitress at Mel's Diner, who constantly told people to "Kiss My Grits!