Ted Cruz to Rubio: “I do not intend to support legalization” of illegals as president « Hot Air

this explains the brew-ha-ha of the "Cruz breaking story involving New York Times Interview" - another non-story comes out the day before an election.

CNN Legal Analyst Calls Out Obama on the Air: ‘You’re Accusing the President of the United States of Breaking the Law’

Epic Fox Segment: Host Kicks Atheist Off Show For Calling Jesus & the Nativity ‘An Insult’

WH Chief of Staff Denis McDonough: 'We Are at War With ISIL' AGAIN, o 'dictates' his muslim view of the world & refuses the council of his military commanders.

A DC Appeals Court ruled President Obama's NLRB appointments unconstitutional. Yet conservatives should keep the champagne bottles corked.

"Maliki in Iraq has allegedly positioned tanks around his complex and Baghdad & declares it a closed city, as he clings to the PM office.

Judge Nap on New Email Revelations: Hillary's Top Aides Could Be Indicted

Judge Nap on New Email Revelations: Hillary’s Top Aides Could Be Indicted Judge Andrew Napolitano gave us his take this morning on the ne.

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