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after all awful and horrible things happened, i know i'm not me. not a whole me anymore. i was broken. shattered into pieces but time. time changes everything. time heals

I assure you, I 'm not put together at all. Nor am I broken. I'm recovering - finding the beautiful in the ugly and stiching it into my life.This is Me at this very moment and I know if I let life happen I will be okay

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simple as. I you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave" - Mo Willems Quote - citation -citacion

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Do Yourself A Favor And Don't Stay Updated With Those Who You Realized Weren't Good For You. Such good advice

Just yes. Friends ask me all the time why I stay with Tommy and this is the reason. Because in my entire life he is the only thing that is ever made me happy and even though the past 3 months have been hell, he is still the only thing that makes me happy.

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Never quit. If you stumble, get back up. What happened yesterday no longer matters. Today is another day, so get on track and move closer to your dreams.

No one waited quite like I did. I earned a spot in your life, I didn't deserve to be shown the door for someone you had just met. Just because you felt like you loved this stranger doesn't absolve you from treating someone the way you treated me. All I ever did was love and care for you...

The people who are meant to be in your life are the ones who know how to gently wait for you to heal~pick your company wisely! Patience, healing is a process.

life quote | maybe it won't work out but maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever

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