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CrEATe: Eating Design and Future Food [Illustrated] [Hardcover] Martin Raymond (Author), Chris Sanderson (Author), Future Laboratory (Author), Robert Klanten (Editor), Sven Ehmann (Editor)

“Evolution” by photographer Ted Sabarese is a portrait series that compares people to their fish lookalikes.

Evolution, Portrait Series of People and The Fish They Look Like

Mom Puts Herself Back Into Family Pictures In Bold, Daring Domestic Bliss Photo Series

Mom Puts Herself Back Into Family Pictures In Bold, Daring Photo Series

Susan Copich, actress and a mother of two from New York, has taken a darkly humorous approach towards traditional family photography with a series of daring images entitled “Domestic Bliss.

Working Man during depression era

One of the finest & influential woman photographers of the world. Dorothea Lange was born in According to Dorothea there were two most traumatic

Men photographed wearing the clothes of their female partners.  http://www.jonuriarte.es/files/gimgs/8_javi.jpg

Jon Uriarte - Men Under the Influence (men wearing their girlfriends' clothes)


The art of Katsushika Hakusai

Young mother, twenty five, says "Next year we'll be painted and have a lawn and flowers."  Rural shacktown, near Klamath Falls, Oregon.  September 1939.- DOROTHEA LANGE'S photographs tell stories. Sometimes uneasy tales of hard work, poor living conditions, and the resulting despair. But most capture the inner strength and pride of Lange's subjects despite their impoverished surroundings. -  Melissa Steineger

Never ceases to be inspire me… the works of depression era photographer Dorothea Lange. mpdrolet: “ Rural shacktown, near Klamath Falls, Oregon, 1939 Dorothea Lange ”

Marseille-based photographer Bechet Benjamin has captured superheroes, Disney characters and other popular figures as if they exist in our real world in a series titled ‘I am Winnie the Pooh’.

Photographer Bechet Benjamin’s series I Am Winnie the Pooh reminds us of that classic phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” By placing well-known charact…