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I love how the creators had his hair gradually grow out and not just one minute cut hair and another minute long hair

Zuko: Changes he has a lot of different hairstyles! I like his longer, shaggier hair best! Longer hair was definitely his best look.


ANG THE LAST AIRBANDER iPad Case Provides a protective yet stylish shield and accidental bumps, drops, and scratches

Even in old age, Zuko still gives life-changing field trips to people!!!

Legend of Korra: I wish zuko actually said this. It's funny bc Zuko unintentionally brings his new friends on a life changing journey.

TOKKA IS MY DREAM FOR THEM!!!!! But Legends of Korra ruined it because Toph and Aang's kid dated and that would just be awkward.....

Tokka Week: Plan of Attack by // i loved Sukki but i totally shipped Tokka.-----Her little smile at the end


Avatar: The Last Airbender - the Girls, I am a warrior. But I’m a girl, too.


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I think this all the time. Try going in pitch black with a picher of water, a flashlight, and a bowl. As you pour the water in to the bowl shine the flashlight across the water. It will move sightly with the light.


Death once had a near Kyoshi experience.<<<< That right over there is amazing, thank you for making my day, well night<<<Kyoshi kicked a bucket a long time ago, but it was too afraid to tell her

The Most Saddest Avatar Fan Art Ever! >>> Not most saddest. Just saddest. I am only correcting that to distract myself from the sadness.

OH SHIT my eyes are filled with tears I'm not crying you're crying! Makes me feel hella old cuz i grew up with this show