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Thirty-Eight is an apartment complex. This logo has the 3 being a part of the 8 showing the 38. It's a simple idea, but also creative

Meher Says: The 38 logo is such a good way to put these two numbers together. The negative space makes one while the other still fits in so well. (Who's this other meher?

Word play logo Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked her results

Recopilación de logos de alta calidad

Word play logo Check out the website, some girl tried a new diet and tracked…


95 Excellent Monogram Logo Designs

White space in graphic design is often referred to as negative space. It is the portion of a page left unmarked: margins, gutters, and space between columns,

20 Smart Logos Using Negative Space

20 Smart Logos Using Negative Space

O espaço em branco no design gráfico é muitas vezes conhecido como espaço negativo.

10 inteligentes logos que usam espaço negativo

Elevator pitch: Logo with two up and down arrows in "V" & "A" letters - designed by Leo Logos, Lithuania

Guess who's tired from standing since the day it was discovered :) #verbicon #typography

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66 Logo Simple, and Minimalistic Logo Designs

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This is a good example of a logo design. The reason why is because it spells out the word "record", while the letters "e", "c", and "o" are being used to make the microphone symbol for record.

Minimal Logo Designs Collection of Steven Crosby

An interesting logo type that takes an object and turns it into the letters needed to create the implied word. Most definitely succeeding and creating its implied effect.

Far Out Awards loves far out logo's like this (and beer, of course!)

Logo Beercanada

This logo clearly shows the product in the logo- by incorporating the pint glasses subtly and adding the yellow they have created an effective logo.