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Fun socks :-)

Fun socks :-)

Just ordered a bunch of cute cashmere socks lol I can't wait till they get here!

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$10. Solar Power to Ya Socks. When you need to pick up the space in the morning, turn to these cosmic socks! #black #modcloth

Interior Atmosphere LED Light Projector

in the morning, turn to these cosmic socks! Energizing your outfit with a geek-chic print of the solar system and sunny yellow trim, this pair rockets you towards a fun-fueled day.

Sockness Monster SocksThere is a legend that lurking beneath a sea of well hemmed trousers and jeans is a Sockness Monster. If you are quick and cunning you might be able to capture a pair of these mythical Sockness Monster Socks from the NeatoShop. Think of the pride you will have knowing that you spotted sported the wild beast. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Footwear. Link...

Sockness Monster Socks

Make Fun Socks

Make Fun Socks

Fir the Fun of It Socks, @ModCloth

Emily and Fin Day After Day A-Line Dress in Shooting Stars

Looking for the perfect reason to flaunt these pine tree knee socks? We believe that the enjoyment of sporting this pair’s emerald, kelly, pistachio, wheat, and mist hues is justification enough!

You just can’t say no to that scrunched-up face and little black button nose, can you? No need to buy a leash and a lifetime supply of dog toys just yet- these puppies are as low maintenance as it get

Pug Socks | Womens

Dunk your feet into this colorful pair of food socks and fall head over heels for the style… but do-nut say we didn’t warn you. Indulge in your favorite frosted treat without feeling your favorite jea

Significant Otter Fun Animal Novelty Socks for Women

Significant Otter Socks | Womens

You may know that otters hold hands when they eat, sleep and rest to prevent losing each other… but did you know how cute they look while doing so? Check out these colorful socks that show just how a

Chattyfeet Socks keep your feet cozy and creative! // fun socks // quirky socks // artist socks // fun fashion

Quirky Socks Immortalizing Artists Let You Wear Famous Painters on Your Feet