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Learn to read, write and pronounce Korean

Learn the Korean alphabet step-by-step without difficulty.

k-drama worked for me and now thanks to j-drama I can say all those in Japanese too :D ~victory pose~ @Jessica

Okay, I've noticed my other post ' Basic Hangul (Korean) Phrases had a lot of views so I have decided to do another post, entirely on pictur.

12 Frases en Coreano Para Principiantes.

Im not spanish but I speak a little korean. Learning Spanish amd Korean at the same time WOOOH

PLEASE IGNORE THEIR INSTRUCTIONS. As I've commented below, follow the date rules to select a name from each column and leave them in that order! Last name = family name, which comes first in Korean names, and then the two syllables of your given name come from the following columns (Koreans do not have 'middle names').

What's your name? Mine is Song JiMi! :) Mine is Sung Rae Ae I like it it's so pretty ☺️☺️

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~ Sometimes life can be hard but netherless be strong and never give up ~

10 Korean Superstitions You May Not Know About

10 Korean Superstitions You May Not Know About

10 Korean superstitions you may not know about All cultures have superstitions that sound unusual to outsiders, and Korea is no exception. Here are ten interesting superstitions from.

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« Endless weekend »

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Now I know the "Jee-ma"s so when my siblings do something annoying I can say "hajima" and they'll stop because they're confused