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You should read "Doctor Arrogant" on #Wattpad. #fanfiction #kpop #bts #bangtanboys #btsfanfic #bangtanfanfic

You should read "Doctor Arrogant" on

If they say it, it's true

If it tastes good it is low in calories? gimme that chocolate bar *__*

Maybe this is why I haven't seen them. I love apples with peanut butter too much<<< same

I aint eating apples no more if i can always see the doctors on the sides not on the middle😄

Jin The Doctor in action | allkpop Meme Center

I love how in the last one jhope is just standing there and taehyung just accepts it

In other words, they kill everyone...even if the "patients" are healthy

In other words, they kill everyone.even if the "patients" are healthy //BTS- Well, they seem like successful doctors 🙂

I wish i would get sick more often if this could happen.

so true. too bad there's no cure for the dramafever or fangirlitis. This go out to all the Fangirls who need kpop or they will get sick without it hahaha SO ME! & EXOtics will miss you LUHAN xoxoxoxoxoxoxo!

EXO promoting safe sex lol | allkpop Meme Center

EXO promoting safe sex lol

Imagine if it was 'The' Doctor asking that xD I read it that way let me know if other Whovians did too

*dramatic music* <-- When I read "Doctor", the first thing I thought of was Doctor Who. ahhhhh, such is the fandom life.