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T was a notoriuos member of the Mapogo coalition of male lions who at one time comprised 6 members and the contrlooed the Sbi Sands game reserve and reined for around 6 years.

The Infamous Mr-T of The Mapogo Lions Pride, Sabi Sands - https://mitchellkrog.com/african-wilderness-photography/mapogo-lions-pride-mr-t/ - Visit me at https://mitchellkrog.com

The Mapogo lions or Band of Brothers were the most notorious and infamous pride of African lions to ever rule, this is their leader, the well known Mr-T.

Cecil with his lion stare

Cecil was wearing a collar when shot with bow and arrow by an American hunter. Cecil did not die immediately and it took a further two days to track him and kill him with a rifle. Cecil the lion was skinned and his head removed.

Mapogo Stare by *MrStickman on deviantART

Mapogo Stare We eventually tracked down one of the 5 Mapogo brothers who had been off doing his duty with another female.

Panthera leo (Kinky Tail)

African Lion, This photograph captured by Gayatri Devi during her African expidetion

Look at those light green eyes!! All leopards have them!!

The Best-Known Countries For African Safaris Are: Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia & South Africa.

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fbf602b4a683f358386b632da5606141.jpg (594×480)

Absolutely beautiful

"THE KING" by Wolf Ademeit, via Now this would be the perfect Tattoo i would want to get just perfect ♌


Could these be some of the last photos of Mapogo?