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Hazel is a Screen Gems TV series about a fictional live-in maid named Hazel Burke (Shirley Booth) and her employers, the Baxters. The five-season, series aired in primetime from September 1961 until April

Ozzy & Harriet- I had the biggest crush on Ricky

Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, David Nelson and Ricky Nelson pose for a portrait to publicize the release of their movie "Here Come The Nelsons" which was released in 1951

The Flying Nun (1967-70)  - Sally Field

The Flying Nun - Sally Field - TV show that we watched. We were in awe at how they got her to fly.

"Let's Make a Deal" co-founder and host Monty Hall died 9-20-17 at age 96. Show premiered in 1963.

I remember one of the most popular television game shows of the and original Let's Make A Deal, with host Monty Hall!

Marcus Welby, M.D.  The best!  Especially with heart-throb, James Brolin, who played the role of Steve Kiley, the associate doctor/intern... Oh my stars!! (or should that comment be served for Bewitched?)

Marcus Welby, M.: A medical drama series that aired from 1969 to 1976 that starred Robert Young as family practitioner, Marcus Welby, whose thoroughness and dedication involved him in the lives of all sorts of patients.

The best cast. Period

Original Saturday Night Live Cast ~ "The Not Ready for Prime Time Players".

Samantha Stevens in Bewitched  That nose-twitch turned Samantha into the most beloved witch of all time. Her well-meaning, mischievous nature made for one adorable sitcom. If only her makeup was as fabulous as her mother Andora's. While critically panned, the movie starring Nicole Kidman, and written and directed by Nora Ephron, is actually pretty ...

The 13 Witchiest Pop Culture Witches To Put A Spell On You

Bewitched, starring the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery, Agnes Moorehead & Dick York (the first Darren)


My Three Sons 1960 - 1972 Starred Fred MacMurray(Steve Douglas), Stanley Livingston(Chip) , Don Grady (Rob), William Demerest (Uncle Charley), and Barry Livingston ( Ernie)

Monkees, "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" (1967)... Listen: http://grooveshark.com/s/A+Little+Bit+Me+A+Little+Bit+You/2OQgbn?src=5

RIP Davy Jones: The Monkees and Davy Jones first appearance on the cover of TV Guide Magazine in RIP Davy Jones

Bill Bixby, Ray Walston CBS My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian Starring Ray Walston as Uncle Martin (the Martian), Bill Bixby as Tim O'Hara and Pamela Britton as the nosey neighbor Mrs. Brown which drove the story of hiding a Martian in the Suburbs. I saw this in reruns.

The original hippies Sonny and Cher

All I can think of is Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down) from Cher's album, The Sonny Side of Cher Written by Sonny, it was her highest charting song in BillBoard ALady sonny & cher 1965 .I got you babe.

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There’s a holdup in the Bronx, Brooklyn’s broken out in fights. There’s a traffic jam in Harlem That’s backed up to Jackson Heights.