Best of Year 2014: Project Winners Category: Small Corporate Office. Project: Venture Capital Firm. Firm: Feldman Architecture. Location: San Francisco. Photography by Paul Dyer.

Best of Year 2014: Project Winners

Best of Year Project Winners Category: Small Corporate Office. Photography by Paul Dyer.

Design eyecandy by Hans Verstuyft. This envelope set covers our favourite colour palette. Classic cuts in classic materials.. always an essential. Yet another beautiful collection by Hubsch.. Handstitch felt.. so full of joy. This glass collection.. How famous startups were...

Modern Home Office // DESIGN CRUSH: The Austere Collection by Hans Verstuyft, simple desk with modern desk lamps

Daylight's modded Ikea Benjamin stools - interesting concept. Maybe you could post anchor charts on these or .....

large Foam core boards to brainstorm ideas. Ikea Benjamin stools hacked to keep the boards upright. They can still be used as stools when needed and are also great for creating temporary walls for project spaces.

- using wood as decorative wall  - acoustics in this space probably not so great  CS

Groups GSA’s fitout for Credit Suisse’s Sydney office sets a new benchmark for the organisation’s culture and work practices.