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Let’s face it, if you’ve had too much time on your hands, you’ve probably wondered a lot of strange things, and photographer Victorija Pashuta is no different. She’s created a new photo series called ‘If guys were social networks’ and used all our favourite websites to imagine just what the typical guy would look like […]

If guys were social networks, this is what they'd look like

Viktorija Pashuta Fashion Photographer: What if Guys Were Social Networks - Creative Photo Shoot by Viktorija Pashuta

Viktorija Pashuta Vanichi Now Twitter

Social Networks and Browsers as People

viktorija pashuta imagines guys as social media sites + girls as browers

Conheça o visual de sites como Google e Facebook no passado [infográfico]

Conheça o visual de sites como Google e Facebook no passado [infográfico]

Call it the yearbook of websites. This infographic compares what some of our favorite websites looked like in their first iterations with how they look now.

outfits for teens | ... outfits sweep the tumblrsphere and now the latest themed outfit series

Tumblr Tuesday : Awesome Social Media-Inspired Outfits!

We love social media but hadn't considered truly dressing the part, until we came across this artful fashion spread at Wall To Watch. "How to dress according to your favorite social network. For true addicts.

casitas de adornos hechas con botellas pet - Buscar con Google

A house made of empty Champagne bottles, built by a Ukrainian pensioner in Zaporozhe. They must drink a lot in the Ukraine – which leaves a lot of empty bottles. And this is one unique way to recycle them – build a house.

After: Modern Face....bright orange makeover

Before-and-After Furniture Makeovers

Check out the dog mannequin next to the desk. Bright orange paint minimizes intricate details and brings this desk into modern fashion while silver details add sparkle.

Southern Blot proposal

My DNA Has a Question For You

"How a molecular biologist proposes! DNA amplified to different sized fragments via the polymerase chain reaction, and then seperated by size on a gel. The nerd in me loves this

Oh my gosh! I love all this kitchen inspired jewelry! It's so me!

24 Pieces Of Jewelry Every Cook Should Own


Food Art – 21 appetizing photographs by Daryna Kossar

Ukranian food artist Daryna Kossar makes delicious “paintings” from different types of foods. Kossar first draws an outline of a.