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This visionary piece of concept art by Stephan Martiniere is what inspired the Sailback creature for this story.

Pictures and drawings, art and creative advertising Fantasy worlds Stephan Martiniere

Khal'druin, mother of creatures by FabrizioDeRossi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Legend tells of a creature in the depths, an enormous reptilian beast, slumbering on the ocean floor. Old sailors call her 'big mama', whilst those of h. Khal'druin, mother of creatures

jamie jones art - Google Search

Background So Jaime Jones is friggen dope. In July, I took a one day workshop with Jaime at Concept Design Academy.

Cohorts and Companions - Ratfolk by BadInspiration

Men in fantasy art — sorcerersskull: Cohorts and Companions - Ratfolk. Karsen Prince of the Mouse folk of Albion

ArtStation - Shakal the Half Formed., Darren Benton

Shakal is a powerful shaman priest of the Nak'zul tribe that inhabit the Shalune region of the Primal Deserts, a huge stretch of desolate waste land that spans across two continents. Shakal tried to merge her soul with that of a demon to increase her