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6 Things Entrepreneurs Wish Family, Friends, and Employees Understood

10 Phrases Remarkably Unsuccessful People Always Use Luckily, I am only guilty of the "Let me check my schedule" remark and I don't currently work with anyone that normally says any of them either. We are just an awesome bunch, what can I say?

Perhaps nothing can prepare first-time business owners for the wild ride ahead. But you don't have to fly blind. Here's advice from a founder living it.

Nowadays it's a pretty common practice to work with a freelance specialist, instead of hiring a full-time employee. Let's see what are the pros and cons of

Pass It On: Push Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs With These 5 Lessons

Certain values can be instilled in children to make them more likely to take risks and embrace failure.

8 Classes You Need to Take to Become an Entrepreneur It's often debated whether entrepreneurs need a college education, but there are a handful of courses that will almost certainly help you run your business better.

A New Dell Initiative Asks Women Entrepreneurs to Give Back

Antonya Nelson's Ten Writing Rules "The only real way to be happy as a writer is to enjoy writing. To find in the solitary process some kind of succor. If you aren't satisfied with that, you will never be satisfied with any part of the life.

3 Types of Leaders Who Never Succeed

5 Ways to Make Your Employees Love You

A former University of Pennsylvania frat boy thinks he knows what women want.

2 Forces To Achieve Things In Business

To Boost Employee Performance, Praise Effort--Not Achievement

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