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Top 20 Brilliant DIY Backyard Projects and Tips for Your Pets

It's always time for coffee. :)

Coffee drinking, retro kitchen, It's Time For Coffee, polka dot mug, modern art…

Hall okay now I want a bed of boxers. of course it's boxers so it would be a bouncing bed of boxers but still…

Did you say something

Did you say something

I didn't know Ace the Bathound had a sidekick.

Cute Emergency on

So flippin cute! I need another hound so i can dress them up! Doberman Dogs Dressed In Batman And Robin Costumes <--- forget dress up! I would NAME them batman and robin!

How to Make The Perfect Espresso at Home

How to Make The Perfect Espresso at Home

Lokesh Dhakar has done an amazing illustration on a few common espresso drinks. I am a coffee person and his illustration is just too cute not to share. Coffee Drinks Illustrated by Lokesh Dhakar [tags]espresso, coffee, illustration, design[/tags]

#rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife

#rescuedog #dog #itsarescuedoglife


Funny pictures about Running of the bulls. Oh, and cool pics about Running of the bulls. Also, Running of the bulls.

Or coffee...

Do you know your coffee? Use this coffee cheat sheet to see how many part of coffee, espresso, steamed milk, or water you need to have for your favorite beverage.

I want it..

Espresso: Possibly my favorite non-living thing ever. Depending on the day it's either a 'quad espresso' from Coffee Emporium or a macchiato with an extra shot from Collective Espresso.