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Relationships are like garage sales. From a distance they look interesting, but up close it's just a bunch of shit that you don't need. sometimes yes.

My love is NOT unconditional.

"My love is not unconditional. The terms are: You not being an asshole." Unless you are my cat. Then it really is unconditional, you little asshole.

This is so true for me and prom this year!

I've said this to my husband about 3000 times now. so far, I've done okay :)

Too true! Ha

Funny pictures about Holiday Expectations vs. Oh, and cool pics about Holiday Expectations vs. Also, Holiday Expectations vs.

Bring sexy back ecard - http://jokideo.com/bring-sexy-back-ecard/

Bring sexy back ecard - Jokes, Memes & Pictures


Free Funny and Witty Ecard: dont-assume-angry-period-otherwise-assume-sleeping-dead-bury-backyard-ecard

Lessons from Mom

Funny pictures about Lessons from Mom. Oh, and cool pics about Lessons from Mom. Also, Lessons from Mom photos.

Retail therapy....haha... something I rarely do...but it beats being pent up... Conclusion...didn't cure whats ailing me. Of course didnt buy anything either...lol

something I rarely do.but it beats being pent up.didn't cure whats ailing me. Of course didnt buy anything either.